Sunday, January 1, 2017

Our Homeschool Charter

Before upgrading my life to become a homeschool dad, I spent a lot of my time in the active and formal creation and application of "Strategy" to help target and guide organizations. So when I read a blog post about constructing a charter for your own homeschool, I thought "well damn, that makes a lot of sense!"

The homeschool charter becomes a formalized outline of your strategy.  That is, at a very high level, in the universe of all things that could be done, what will you do and wont do.  It also helps capture the fundamental beliefs that drive your approach to homeschooling and education. It becomes a way of keeping decisions aligned so that you can achieve and reach a goal, when there is uncertainty and unknowns before going in.

Below you will find the homeschool charter that I've developed thus far.  It will no doubt morph over time, as all good strategies do.  Oh, I've named our school Exerevno Academy (I thought naming the home school and having a mascot was a good idea too!)

Homeschool Charter of Exerevno Academy

I. Vision 
 - A world of Self-Sufficient, additive members of the human race

II. Mission
 - To Create Self-Reliant, effective members of society who better the human race 

III. Philosophy
 1. Each human being has a right AND obligation to grow to their full potential. This is only accomplished by pushing on ones perceived boundaries to see if they have reached their own true limits. 

 2. Leveraging the natural tendencies of curiosity, creativity, and resilience, Exerevno Academy provides an environment that cultivates a behavior of  reaching beyond the individuals perceived constraints of the mind, body, and soul thereby enabling the individual to  grow throughout their life time in pursuit of their maximum potential.  

 3. Exerevno Academy provides a challenging environment that cultivates a fearless love of the exploration of life.  Exerevno students enter the world Intellectually, Physically, and Spiritually stronger than most, ready to carry humanity forward.

 4. Actual experience is a far superior teacher to theoretical constructs.  As such, Exerevno Academy aggressively seeks to provide its students with experience based learning opportunities. 

IV. Colors
 - Silver, Gold, and Purple

V. Mascot
 - Dragon

VI. Strategy of Exerevno Academy
 1. Aggressive development in the Student an appreciation and application of feedback loops
 2. Emphasize the perspective pillars of Philosophy and Strategic Thought
 3. Favor learning techniques that are pragmatic over those solely borne of, and use only in, the academic world

VII. Tactics of Exerevno Academy
 1. Encourage self-driven exploration allowing the students to dwell in areas most interesting to them
 2. Foster self-driven analysis of an area under consideration through Science, Spirituality, and History
 3. Cultivate self-driven inclusion in the human race with extensive travel
 4. Grow self-driven problem solving skills by posing challenges, questions, and the like through scenario and word problems 
 5. Improve self-driven knowledge consumption with the exploration of a variety of learning models and memorization techniques

VIII. Operations of Exerevno Academy
 1. Daily practice of Martial Arts, Writing, Problem Solving, and Creative Pursuits
 2. Require each student to create and operate their own business throughout their tenure at the school.
 3. Frequent game play with games requiring strategic thought

IX. Fundamentals
 1. Feedback Loops
 2. Regular Daily Movement 
 3. Metrics and Analysis

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