Saturday, July 1, 2017

Aruba, Curacao, and Grand Turk Visit

About to go in the Ocean while on Grand Turk
Freedom is awesome!  We recently used ours and traveled to Aruba, Curacao, and Grand Turk.  As always, we have the girls spend a few months ahead of time building out a knowledge base on the places we will be visiting.  We cover things like location, history, religion, food, currency, government and more.  Each week, each daughter has to do a 10 minute presentation covering some aspect of the upcoming trip.  We've all learned a lot.

Array of some Trip Artifacts
This is a sub-set of the items the girls have produced for this past trip.  You will see an essay, a few maps (including the route taken by our cruise ship, various islands we will pass on the way, latitude lines and longitudinal lines, and the geographic relation to our home state of Florida), and a flag of Grand Turk.

Dy in front of wind swept trees in Aruba

Our Youngest's Talking Point Sheet

For the presentations, we have the girls create powerful intros and closure statements that they have to memorize and deliver to the audience while looking them in the eyes.  For the body of facts, however, we have them create talking point sheets that they can refer to.   We do teach and expect them to deliver the talking points while looking at the audience, not keeping their faces buried behind the paper the entire talk.  A casual glance down is fine.

KJ did great under the water

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